CPA Committee

CPA Committee

The CPA committee is composed of current parents/guardians and staff. The committee is keen to welcome new members, particularly parents/guardians from year groups that are currently under represented. For more information please email Sara Knox.

We appreciate that there are people who prefer not to commit to joining a committee but are very willing to volunteer their help at specific events. A list of such 'helpers' is kept and we are always grateful to hear from anyone willing to join it.

Committee 2017-2018

Officers Child's Year
Chair: Sara Knox Year 6, Fifth Form and Upper Sixth
Vice Chair: Louise Wightman Fifth Form
Acting Secretary and Vice Chair: Kathryn Wannell Third Form, Fifth Form and Upper Sixth
Secretary: Catherine Mason  
Treasurer: Michael Ward Third Form and Upper Sixth
Damian Ettinger Fourth Form
Catherine Christensen Fifth Form 
Kirsteen Fellows First Form and Lower Sixth
Clare Priestley-Smith First Form
Sarah Algar Fourth Form
Karen Coleman Fifth Form
Caroline Fuchs Fifth Form
Gemma Ferrier Year 5, First Form and Third Form
Flynn Reid Upper Sixth
Kay Devine Fifth Form
Angie Knox-Wells Upper Sixth
Shane Goodgame Third Form 
John Dobson  
Sue Dobson  
Carmen O'Brien  

The CPA Committee meets approximately once a month, at 8.00pm in the Corinthian Room. For a full list of meeting dates please consult the School website calendar.