CPA Committee

CPA Committee

The CPA committee is composed of current parents/guardians and staff. The committee is keen to welcome new members, particularly parents/guardians from year groups that are currently under represented. For more information please email Sara Knox.

We appreciate that there are people who prefer not to commit to joining a committee but are very willing to volunteer their help at specific events. A list of such 'helpers' is kept and we are always grateful to hear from anyone willing to join it.

Committee 2016-2017

Officers Child's Year
Chair: Sara Knox Year 5, Fourth Form and Lower Sixth
Vice Chair: Louise Wightman Fourth Form
Vice Chair: Kathryn Wannell Second Form, Fourth Form and Lower Sixth
Secretary: Catherine Mason  
Treasurer: Flynn Reid Lower Sixth
Damian Ettinger Third Form
Catherine Christensen Fourth Form 
Kirsteen Fellows Year 6, Fifth Form and Upper Sixth
Clare Priestley-Smith Fifth Form and Upper Sixth
Sarah Atkins Upper Sixth
Sarah Algar Third Form
Karen Coleman Fourth Form
Sandra Phinbow Year 1
Caroline Fuchs Fourth Form
Gemma Ferrier Year 4, Year 6 and Second Form
Michael Ward Second Form and Lower Sixth
Kay Devine Fourth Form and Upper Sixth
Angie Knox-Wells Lower Sixth
Shane Goodgame Second Form 
Kalpana Morris First Form 

The CPA Committee meets approximately once a month, at 8.00pm in the Corinthian Room. For a full list of meeting dates please consult the School website calendar.