Maths and Further Maths

Mathematics is a demanding and challenging subject in the Sixth Form but it can be extremely rewarding for students who are prepared to put in the time and effort.

It has wide applications in Industry, Business, Science, Technology and Finance, and is also a useful support for many university courses.

At Cokethorpe, we offer both Mathematics and Further Mathematics. Mathematics and Further Mathematics are two distinct A Levels but Further Mathematics cannot be taken without Mathematics and many of the modules overlap. If you are considering a university course in Mathematics, Physics or Engineering, have excellent mathematical ability and expect to get an A* in A2 Mathematics, then Further Mathematics should be considered. 

From September 2017, Mathematics and Further Mathematics A Level will be changing to a linear structure in line with other A Level subjects. Further Mathematics and Mathematics modules will no longer be inter-linked but it will still remain a necessity that to take Further Mathematics you must also study Mathematics. All students of Mathematics will study and be examined on Statistics, Mechanics and Pure Mathematics. 

Entry Requirements


  • All students taking A Level Mathematics should have a minimum A Grade at IGCSE
  • Students must be fully secure with all algebra covered at IGCSE
  • Students hoping to take their Mathematics forward to A2 Level need at least a C grade or above at AS Level

Further Mathematics 

  • A* at IGCSE
  • A or B in Additional Mathematics
  • A balance of 6 applied to 6 pure modules also means that a good command of English is essential; a minimum B grade in IGCSE English is preferred

Exam Board

Further information on the Mathematics and Further Mathematics A Levels can be found on the OCR website. 

Course Content

Mathematics Content

  • AS Level - C1 Introduction to Advanced Mathematics
  • AS Level - C2 Concepts for Advanced Mathematics
  • AS Level - Decision 1
  • A2 Level - C3 Methods for Advanced Mathematics
  • A2 Level - C4 Applications of Advanced Mathematics
  • A2 Level - Mechanics 1

Further Mathematics

  • AS Level - FP1 (Further Concepts for Advanced Mathematics)
  • AS Level - Applied Module
  • AS Level - Applied Module
  • A2 Level - FP2 (Further Methods for Advanced Mathematics)
  • A2 Level - Applied Module
  • A2 Level - Applied Module

Applied modules taken by students who are taking both Further and Single Mathematics are likely to be from the following modules: Mechanics 1, 2 and 3, Statistics 1 and 2 and Decision 1.



For all certifications, the contribution of each unit is the same. Thus each unit carries 33 1/3% of the total marks for an Advanced Subsidiary certification and 16 2/3% of the total marks for an Advanced GCE certification.

  • C1, C2 plus both Applied Modules are each marked out of 72.
  • C3 is marked out of 72 but 18 additional marks are available for coursework within this unit. (80/20 split).
  • C4 Paper A is also marked out of 72 and the Comprehension Paper B is out of 18 marks. Again an 80/20 split across the unit.

Further Mathematics

Externally, each A Level is assessed by six modular exams; all students must work towards the A Level in single Mathematics as described above but a further three different modules are required to complete the AS Further Mathematics course and yet another three different modules to complete the A2 Further Mathematics course. Having a balance of six applied modules to six pure modules for Further Mathematics, means that it is imperative that students have a good command of written English if they wish to take the Further Mathematics course and gain a top grade. 

AS Level Further Mathematics

FP1 (Pure Mathematics) and two applied modules.

A2 Level Further Mathematics

FP2 (Pure Mathematics) and two applied modules.

Again, each unit carries 33 1/3% of the total marks for an Advanced Subsidiary certification and 16 2/3% of the total marks for an Advanced GCE certification.