Maths and Further Maths

Mathematics is a demanding and challenging subject in the Sixth Form but it can be extremely rewarding for students who are prepared to put in the time and effort.

It has wide applications in Industry, Business, Science, Technology and Finance, and is also a useful support for many university courses.

At Cokethorpe, we offer both Mathematics and Further Mathematics. Mathematics and Further Mathematics are two distinct A Levels but Further Mathematics cannot be taken without Mathematics and many of the modules overlap. If you are considering a university course in Mathematics, Physics or Engineering, have excellent mathematical ability and expect to get an A* in A2 Mathematics, then Further Mathematics should be considered. 

Both A Levels follow a linear structure and the department follows the Edexcel Syllabus. In Mathematics A Level, all pupils study 66% Pure, 17% Mechanics and 17% Statistics. At the end of the course, they take two Pure Papers and one in Mechanics and Statistics. To study Further Mathematics, students must also be studying Mathematics; they will then study 50% Core Pure and then have options in either Further Pure, Mechanics, Statistics or Decision. Which options are taken is made in negotiation between students studying Further Mathematics and the Head of Mathematics.

Entry Requirements


  • All students taking A Level Mathematics should have a minimum Grade 8 at IGCSE
  • Students must be fully secure with all algebra covered at IGCSE

Further Mathematics 

  • Grade 9 at IGCSE (or a very high Grade 8)
  • A or B in Additional Mathematics

Exam Board


More information can be found on the course website here

Further information on the Mathematics and Further Mathematics A Levels can be found on the OCR website. 

Course Content

Mathematics Content

  • 2/3 Pure
  • 1/6 Mechanics
  • 1/6 Statistics

Further Mathematics

  • 1/2 Core Pure 
  • Then two options from
  •  - Further Pure 1 and 2
  •  - Further Mechanics 1 and 2
  •  - Further Statistics 1 and 2
  • - Decision 1 and 2

The choice of which Further Mathematics options are made by the Head of Mathematics in conjunction with the students studying Further Mathematics that year.



Students sit three papers, each two hour length at the end of the Upper Sixth. Two of these papers are based solely on Pure Mathematics, the third contains all Mechanics and Statistics.

Further Mathematics

Students studying Further Mathematics must also be studying Mathematics A Level, so will complete those examinations. For their Further Mathematics they will sit two more examinations in Core Pure Mathematics, and then a paper in each of their two options. This totals four papers they will sit for their Further Mathematics A Level. 

UKMT Senior Team Maths Challenge

The Senior Team Maths Challenge is an exciting and enjoyable national Mathematics competition, which gives pupils the opportunity to participate in a wide range of Mathematics activities, and compete against other pupils from schools in their region. This promotes teamwork, and accuracy at the highest level. Rounds include a group round, a cross-number and a mini-relay. Teams that are successful at regional level, progress to a National Final.