Government and Politics

Political decisions shape our lives now and in the future whether we like it or not.

For that reason alone, it should be paramount for all young people to be aware of how our government operates and to understand what it means to be an active, informed citizen outside the academic setting. A Level Politics is the ideal subject to gain an understanding of the very important privileges that UK citizens enjoy. Having said that, Government and Politics is an exciting and intellectual challenge. What makes it different as an academic subject is the emphasis on debate, discussion and argument. Politics exists because people disagree, Government and Politics looks at how and why people disagree. The ability to look at different perspectives and critically analyse them is of fundamental importance.

Why Choose Government and Politics?

  • The A Level course is an ideal complement for students who also wish to study History, Philosophy, Economics or Psychology at A Level.
  • This A Level gives an excellent foundation for students wish to pursue Politics, Law, History, Economics at degree level and for those who wish to go into a Legal, Journalistic, Business or Political sector.
  • Government and Politics students go on to be Journalists, Lawyers, Civil Servants and many other professions. 

Exam Board

Further information on the Government and Politics A Level can be found on the AQA website.

Course Content

AS Level - the focus is very much on the UK and our political system.

Unit 1 - People, Politics and Participation 

This includes the following four areas of study: Political Participation and Voting Behaviour; Electoral Systems; Political Parties; Pressure Groups and Protest Movements.

Unit 2 - Governing Modern Britain 

This Unit includes the following four areas of study: The British Constitution; Parliament; The Core Executive (Government); Multi-level Governance (including Devolution and the European Union).

A2 Level - the focus is on the USA

Unit 3A – Politics of the USA

In this unit the four areas are: Elections and Voting systems of the US; Political Parties and Pressure groups and Protest Movements

Unit 4a – The Government of the USA

In this unit the four areas are: The Constitutional Framework of US Government; The Legislative Branch of Government - US Congress; The Executive Branch of Government - The Office of President; The Judicial Branch of Government - The Supreme Court.


All units are 100% exam. There is no coursework required for A Level Government and Politics.

Trips, Activities and Extension 

Students have the opportunity to participate in trips that complement the curriculum. 

AS trip to the UK Parliament

Students are taken to the Palace of Westminster and get a guided tour of both the Houses of Parliament and the House of Lords. They are also able to walk down 10 Downing Street for a photo-opportunity.

A2 Biannual trip to Washington and New York (combined with History)

Whilst in Washington students get to see the White House and visit the many museums in the area including the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials. They also get the opportunity to visit see the American Constitution and Bill of Rights at National Archives. In New York, we visit the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and the New York Stock Exchange amongst other famous museums and landmarks. This allows students to get a sense of American Culture and take in as much as possible whilst we are there.