Design and Technology

Anyone who aspires to develop skills that enable them to; work with a high degree of independence, nurture a genuine ability to solve problems, overcome setbacks, innovate, create and inspire; would find Design and Technology an excellent option at A Level.

The Design and Technology Department currently offer AQA Design and Technology: Product Design (3D). This course is designed to encourage students to develop a broad view of Design and Technology. Students not only develop their capacity to design and make products but also learn to appreciate the complex relationship between design, materials, manufacturing and marketing. 

Students are able to work in an unrestricted variety of materials ranging from paper, card and textiles to electronics, plastic, metal and wood. The AS coursework projects have been developed to enable students to work in their preferred medium in order to accommodate a variety of strengths and skills while encouraging experimentation and development of a wider set of skills. At A Level the design brief for the coursework is self-selected and students are encouraged to identify a genuine need or gap in the market.

Why Choose Design and Technology

Students may choose to take Design and Technology if they aspire to embark upon a wide range of careers including Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design, Theatre Design, Furniture Design, Graphics, Advertising, Marketing, Product Design, Industrial Design, Engineering and Jewellery to name a few.

Examples of Higher Education courses currently being undertaken by former Cokethorpe Design and Technology students:

  • Engineering at the University of Nottingham (2011) G. Miller
  • Industrial Product Design at Coventry University (2011) J. Edridge
  • Industrial Design at De Montfort (2013) D. Rock

Exam Board

Further information on the Design and Technology A Level can be found on the AQA website.

Course Content

AS Design and Technology: Product Design (3D) - Units run concurrently.

  • Unit 1 – Materials, Components and Application – Theory Lessons

  • Unit 2 – Learning through Designing and Making Design portfolio; consisting of two design and manufacture projects. Seating Design and Teaching Aid

A2 Design and Technology: Product Design (3D) - Units run concurrently

  • Unit 3 – Design and Manufacture (theory lessons)
Unit 4 – Design and Making Practice Student Lead Design portfolio consisting of one project and manufactured piece


AS Level

  • Unit 1 - Two Hour Exam Paper (50% of AS, 25% of A2)
  • Unit 2 - Coursework Approx. 50 hours (50% of AS, 25% of A2)

A Level

  • Unit 3 - Two Hour Exam Paper (25% of A2)
  • Unit 4 - Coursework Approx. 60 hours (25% of A2)

Trips, Activities and Extension

The curriculum in Design and Technology is enhanced and enriched by the addition of a number of excursions and extra-curricular activities. Strong links with industry are vital for the development of Design and Technology; there are numerous visits to manufacturers and the Department is grateful to have links with some local businesses through parents of former pupils. 

University Degree Show Visits

Students are given the opportunity to go to university to visit a degree show (most recently Brunel and Loughborough) where they have the chance to meet with former Cokethorpe Design and Technology students. A Level students are given an insight not only into the degrees on offer and a chance to see some of the work that has been created, but also into life at university. This is also done at the School where former Design and Technology students are invited to return and share their experiences of A Level and beyond with current students.

Manufacturing Processes in Action

During the two years students are taken on a number of excursions to see modern manufacturing processes in action. For example last year students visited: Stuart Milne, Wesley Barrell, JSP and the BMW Mini Plant at Cowley.