In a purely practical and academic arena Biology is a vital component for entry into a huge number of degree courses.

It is at the very heart of Medical, Veterinary, Zoological, Agricultural, Genetic and Environmental Sciences, as well as a host of other related disciplines.

The study of Biology at A Level can provide opportunities to pursue a scientific or specialised degree course but, equally, studying the subject at AS Level can be valuable as part of a less science-orientated programme of study. Biology, in its present form, is a hugely enlightening and interesting subject, opening windows to so much that is exciting in the world around us.

The Department has highly experienced staff and an enviable record at examination success. The Department is proud of its success, not only of enabling students to gain entry to Oxford University, Cambridge University, the Royal Veterinary College and many other Medical schools, but also that many of our students have been inspired to pursue Biology and other related degrees.

Why Choose Biology

  • Pursue a Biology or Biology related specialist degree including Genetics, Biochemistry, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry or Agricultural Sciences.
  • Progress to a wide range of careers in sectors including Healthcare, Agriculture, Environmental Management, Research, Conservation and Education.
  • Learn core skills including fieldwork, essay construction, statistical analysis and experimental techniques. 

Exam Board

Further information on the Biology A Level can be found on the AQA website.

Course Content

AS Biology:

Unit 1 – Biology and Disease
Unit 2 – The Variety of Living Organisms
  • Unit 3 – Investigative and practical skills in AS Biology

A2 Biology:

  • Unit 4 – Population and Environment
Unit 5 – Controls in Cells and Organisms
Unit 6 – Investigative and practical skills


AS Biology:

Unit 1 – 100% Exam 

  • Unit 2 – 100% Exam
  • Unit 3 - 100% Exam

A2 Biology:

Unit 4 – 100% Exam
Unit 5 – 100% Exam
  • Unit 6 – 100% Exam

Trips, Activities and Extension

A2 Biology Residential Field Trip, Shropshire

As part of the A Level Biology syllabus, students are required to undertake investigative fieldwork. Students conduct these investigations at Preston Montford Field Centre on the Shropshire / Welsh border. This course is usually conducted before the start of the Michaelmas Term.