Geography Department

Geography is a compulsory subject for all pupils for their first three years at school. During these years we aim to give each pupil a grounding in the incredible breath of topics which Geography encompasses and we hope to plant seeds for further investigation and study of the subject.

Numbers continuing to take this subject onto GCSE Level are extremely healthy, averaging two thirds of the current Fourth and Fifth Forms. Rarely is a subject more relevant towards pupils becoming active, informed and responsible citizens in twenty first century Britain. Just look at stories reported daily in our newspapers for the relevance Geography plays in the curriculum.

First Form to Third Form

During the compulsory first three years of Geography at Cokethorpe pupils will study a range of human, physical and environmental Geography topics. Lessons aim to be active, interesting and engaging with homework tasks, as often as possible being project based for which we encourage parents to take an interest in the task being attempted. Highlights include Curriculum Enrichment Week at the end of First Form which involves four days of activities based on the theme of Geology. We aim to study a new topic each half term to maintain interest and freshness while roughly building these topics from predominantly local issues in First Form to national issues in Second Form through to international issues in Third Form. Even for pupils who choose not to take Geography onto GCSE Level they should feel they have a valuable grounding of information and skills which will enhance any of their chosen subjects.

Fourth and Fifth Form

At GCSE we follow the Edexcel specification. This comprises a set of topics which give students a broad range of human, physical and environmental Geography and a series of case studies which allow them to study specific examples at greater depth. Pupils will also be examined on Geographical skills, which include demonstrating an understanding of map and cartographic skills as well as practice of using ICT and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Pupils taking this GCSE course should achieve the following:

  • Develop a sense of place and an appreciation for the environment. Have an awareness of the ways in which humans interact with the environment
  • Understand the importance of sustainable development within the environment
  • Acquire knowledge and understanding of a range of places, processes, environments and Geographical patterns at a range of scales from local to global
  • Acquire a range of skills and techniques - including those of map work, fieldwork, enquiry, and ICT 
  • Understand that Geography is a dynamic subject

Head of Geography: Mr J A W Capel

Trips Activities and Extension 

The Geography Department hold a number of trips and activities for pupils, as well as the obvious cross curricular links it has with other subjects and activities such as Science and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Expeditions. 


First Form Curriculum Enrichment Week - Geology Theme

Pupils rock climb and crawl through the Clearwell caves and visit Bath's Roman Baths linking the plate tectonics topic at the end of First Form with an introduction to Geology taught at the start of Second Form.

GCSE Geography Fieldtrip

Pupils complete their coursework on the protection of the Dorset coastline, where they have are able to assess the management of four sites.

Inspirational Visiting Speakers

Previous speakers have included Matthew Blake who visited the Fourth Form, and Albert Koomson who visited Third Form pupils to support their study of Ghana.