Sixth Form

The Sixth Form is a particularly important phase of our students’ lives.

For many this is a culmination of a number of years at Cokethorpe – for others it is a new and exciting environment – but for all it is an important stepping stone to the worlds of higher education and/or employment. It is a time of increased freedom, far greater responsibilities and a widening of horizons.

In a relaxed but purposeful and disciplined setting, the Sixth Form is built on a combination of academic rigour and a balanced and varied extra-curricular programme. Our students will understand the need for reliability and maturity, along with a wide-variety of other skills to prepare them for university and the workplace. Tutor groups are small, with tutors and students forming close bonds.

The Sixth Form Centre – off limits to the younger years – includes facilities for both study and relaxation. In addition, the on-site Coffee Shop is only available to Sixth Formers and staff. Also exclusive to Sixth Formers and staff is the Common Room Library where independent study and self-motivated research is further encouraged.

School uniform is replaced with that of a smart business appearance allowing a degree of individuality whilst setting an example to younger pupils and acknowledging their progression towards Higher Education and the world of employment.