Legacy Programme

Backing the Future

The Legacy Programme was set up to aid those who may wish to express their support and affection for Cokethorpe through making a bequest.

All successful schools rely on more than fee income to ensure the future and to continue to fund new developments and provide access through scholarships and bursaries. Cokethorpe is younger than many, and as a result does not have the benefit of hundreds of years of such support through substantial endowments. Nevertheless, through prudent financial management and good stewardship, the School has continued to develop and to invest in new facilities and increased activities over the years, and this has been, from its inception, greatly assisted by the generosity of its supporters.

We cannot rest on our laurels, however, and demands upon our resources can only increase as time goes by. I would therefore ask you to read the following information and consider making provision for Cokethorpe in your Will. It will make a real difference to the lives of generations of future Cokethorpe pupils and, moreover, can also reduce your estate’s liability to Inheritance Tax.

Damian Ettinger


Why Make a Bequest to Cokethorpe?

For those who hold Cokethorpe high in their affections and who wish to help ensure its future growth and preservation; a legacy is a means of giving something back in a way that may not be possible during one’s lifetime. Only through a Will can you protect the interests of those close to you after your death and make sure your assets are shared out in the way you would wish. Your family and loved ones will naturally come first but, having done this, the School hopes that you will consider including a legacy in its favour in your Will. Cokethorpe School is a registered charity and any bequests of money or assets that you make in your Will are exempt from Inheritance Tax.

Type of Legacies

There are a number of different types of legacy and we list the most popular ones below. The School always recommends taking professional legal advice before making a new Will or changing an existing one.

Pecuniary Legacy

This involves leaving a specific sum of money to your beneficiary and is the simplest form of bequest. In order to ensure that inflation does not erode the value of your gift, you might wish to consider a wording that links your actual gift to any official inflation rate following the date of your Will.

Residuary Legacy

This is the easiest way to protect the real value of your gift and involves leaving a percentage, or fraction, of your estate after any specific bequests have been made. 

Reversionary Legacy

This is a way of allowing your spouse or other beneficiary to enjoy the income of your assets for their lifetime whilst still making a gift to the School. When they in turn pass away, the assets (or a proportion thereof) then revert to the School.

Conditional Legacy

If you feel that, although you would quite like to leave something to the School, someone else has a stronger claim or need for your estate, then a conditional legacy allows for Cokethorpe only to benefit if that person or persons predeceases you.

Life Assurance

Rather than making a bequest, you can make a gift to Cokethorpe on your death by taking out a Life Assurance policy and naming the School as the beneficiary.

How to Leave a Legacy to Cokethorpe

If you wish to remember Cokethorpe, and already have a Will in place, you can make a simple amendment to it through a codicil: please take professional legal advice and inform the executors of your Will of your intentions.

All legators are entitled to become members of the Peacock Society as well as being remembered in official rolls of honour and publications, unless you wish to remain anonymous. The School would be delighted to discuss with you any specific form of remembrance or recognition with which you may wish to mark your gift. 

Gifts for general purposes are the most helpful to the School as they enable us to allocate funds where they will have the maximum benefit at the time they become available. However, if you would prefer that your gift be allocated for a specific purpose, then please give details of this in your Will.

We very much hope that you will wish to consider making a gift to Cokethorpe School through your Will. If you do decide to leave a legacy to Cokethorpe, we would be grateful if you would let us know by completing the Pledge Form. We can then recognise your generosity and enrol you in to the Peacock Society.

Pledge Form (PDF, 899KB) 

Codicil Form (907KB) 

You do not need to give details of your legacy if you do not wish to; nor is the Pledge in any way binding. It is simply a statement of your present intentions and will assist the School in its future planning and administration. If your circumstances alter in any way, you can change your Will again to ensure that those to whom you must give priority are protected.

The Peacock Society

In many ways, the leaving of a bequest to Cokethorpe is the greatest gift you can make, as you will not see the benefit that such generosity will bring to future generations of boys and girls. It is for this reason that we have created the Peacock Society, so that we can both honour and thank our legacy donors during their lifetime for what they have chosen to do thereafter.

Membership of the Society is limited to those who have signified their intention to make a bequest to the School. As a member, you will be invited every year to a special lunch at which, in a quiet but meaningful way, we will be able to say thank you and keep you abreast of current activities and development plans. We will also look to draw upon your experience and wisdom to advise the School on its future intentions. We very much hope that you will wish to become a member of this exclusive and very special body of Cokethorpe supporters.


If you have any enquiries or would like to arrange an informal discussion about the possibility of leaving a bequest to Cokethorpe in your Will please contact the Foundation Office.

The Foundation Office

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Tel: 01993 892352

Email: foundationoffice@cokethorpe.org