2018 Projects

For the 2018 Annual Fund we are seeking support for the projects listed below.

We have intentionally chosen a wide range of projects supporting academic, sport, music and social areas of the School. The projects are also of varying value so that you can make a contribution towards your preferred project or purchase a whole project outright for the School. So that you are aware of the value of each project we have put an approximate cost for each venture next to its description.

A Play in a Day - £700

Play in a Day - or more accurately two days! - combines English, Drama and teamwork to create a 45 minute ensemble piece. The visiting director brings the script on the day and parts for children to learn. The full cast is on stage throughout as an ever present chorus. Unusually, the chorus is the star of the show, continually involved in singing, moving or soundscaping with the lead roles being rotated amongst the chorus. In two days, the children prepare, rehearse and achieve performance standard. A performance challenge but great fun!

STEM Roadshow - £800

Pupils in the Junior School thoroughly enjoy the STEM opportunities already on offer as part of our broad curriculum - Mathematical challenges, Lego workshops and Science practicals, to name but a few. The STEM roadshow would offer pupils, from Reception  Class to Year 6, further exciting and unusual activities and workshops. During the week, pupils would have the opportunity to listen to guest speakers and to participate in hands on practical sessions. Research shows that STEM occupations are growing at a faster rate than any other occupation. By exposing students to STEM and providing opportunities to explore STEM-related concepts, they will develop a passion for it and hopefully pursue a job in a STEM field!

Vocal Workshop - £1,000

Next year the Music Department hope to be able to programme a vocal workshop based on the story of Danaus, the mythical king, who meets the butterfly genus, Danaus. Pupils will have the opportunity to sing alongside professional musicians in this musical exploration of murdered males and the intersections of science, poetry and performance. Conceived for a string qartet and mezzo-soprano, Cerys Purser. Tim Watts’s new piece of music theatre is fuelled by the collision of Simon Martin’s genetic research with two Greek myths.

Regeneration of Eco-Habitat - £4,000

The Junior School children are enormously fortunate to be at school in a glorious setting. Happily, they have many opportunities to extend their learning outside of the classroom: in the parkland, visiting the Kitchen Garden, The Woods and the nature trail. Just one thing is missing – the opportunity to explore a very different kind of habitat. The redevelopment of the school pond on the edge of the parkland would give enormous scope for curriculum enrichment in science, geography, PSHE and environmental awareness. We look forward to the potential for year- round exploration for every year group.

Stained Glass window - £17,000

The School has commissioned local company Artistic Leaded Glass to design a new stained glass window to replace the West Window in the Chapel whilst preserving the light giving qualities and improving the fabric of the Chapel. The west window is currently made up of plain coloured glass and the artist designing the new window, Flora Jamieson, will be including key elements that make up the School’s identity, including the Coat of Arms.

Golf Driving Range - £25,000

For many years Cokethorpe has had its own golf course although we have recently begun a re-development programme which will extend its length and improve its quality as a year-round facility. As part of our wider plans in this area we also aim to build our own on-site driving range to develop our pupils’ skills even further.