2017 Projects

For the 2017 Annual Fund we are seeking support for the projects listed below.

We have intentionally chosen a wide range of projects supporting academic, sport, music and social areas of the School. The projects are also of varying value so that you can make a contribution towards your preferred project or purchase a whole project outright for the School. So that you are aware of the value of each project we have put an approximate cost for each venture next to its description.

National Space Academy Masterclass - £700

The National Space Academy Masterclasses are intensive sessions which would be offered to the Lower School. The curriculum content of these Masterclasses is introduced through cutting edge space science and engineering research contexts; this includes recent and important historical space missions. In addition, Masterclasses cover the way that space enabled technology has improved our daily lives and includes examples of careers relating to the space sector as well as more generalised space careers information.

Boulodrome - £2,400

Boules is generally a family favourite on summer holidays but is becoming increasingly popular as an all year round sport in England. The boulodrome will offer a unique space for social interaction and game play during break times and will become part of the AOB programme for Boules and Bocce. It will also become a future Inter-House competition. Boules is the collective name for rolling or throwing balls at a target and will develop strategic thinking, social development, sportsmanship and integrity.

Happy Puzzle Day - £650

The Happy Puzzle Company will be invited to run a Puzzle Challenge Day for the Junior School children. The children will work together in groups to solve a variety of fun, but challenging, mathematical puzzles, tasks and problem solving challenges. They will have the opportunity to use large 3D puzzles and challenges to improve thinking skills, maths and logical reasoning. The puzzles look incredibly easy until the children start trying to solve them!

Choral Workshop - £800

The Senior School Choir sing to large audiences regularly throughout the year and are the constant in many of the key moments in each academic calendar, including Advent Services, May Day and the Prize Giving ceremonies. The one day Choral Workshop will give the Choir the opportunity to be coached in choral singing by an external choral director with years of experience with some of the country’s top choirs and vocal ensembles. As well as giving them the chance to develop their vocal technique, the workshop will focus on engaging with an audience with a wide range in repertoire.

Golf Driving Range - £25,000

For many years Cokethorpe has had its own golf course although we have recently begun a re-development programme which will extend its length and improve its quality as a year-round facility. As part of our wider plans in this area we also aim to build our own on-site driving range to develop our pupils’ skills even further.

Author Visit - £600

The Junior School Reading Club has been hugely successful promoting reading for pleasure for children from Year 2 - 6. Books are introduced each half term for them to read in their own time, followed by the opportunity to meet together to share their thoughts and ideas. Tantalising glimpses of book characters are to be seen around School by eagle-eyed children! We would now like to invite the authors of our selected novels into School to meet our keen readers.