Since Science, which is traditionally split into Biology, Chemistry and Physics has given humankind so much: medicines to heal us; polymers to clothe us; fertilisers to feed us; the ability to communicate and light our homes, our department finds it easy to be passionate about it.

We feel all pupils should study Science and aim to stimulate pupils’ curiosity, interest and enjoyment. Practical activities enable pupils to develop safe practical skills, as well as providing opportunities to work collaboratively.

First Form to Second Form

The First and Second Form follow an ‘in-house’ curriculum that is adapted from the National Curriculum and aims to develop enthusiasm and a solid foundation ready to start the GCSE course in Third Form. 

Third Form to Fifth Form

Science is a compulsory core subject at GCSE, with pupils starting the curriculum in the Third Form. Pupils will either gain either two GCSEs  or three by taking Biology, Chemistry and Physics as separate subject qualifications. Third and Form Form are following the  Edexcel IGCSE curriculum; whereas, the current Fifth Form are taking Edexcel GCSE qualifications.

Head of Science: Dr C Flaherty 

Trips, Activities and Extension

The Science Department runs an extra-curricular programme incorporating guest speakers, trips and competitions. 

Visit to the Natural History Museum

Visit to the Natural History Museum.

Visit to the National Space Centre

First Form pupils visit the Leicester Space Centre to enhance their studies, where they have the opportunity to programme their very own mini Mars Rover as well as visit the Planetarium.

Lunchtime Clubs and AOB

The Science Department run a varied selection of AOB Options that enhance the delivery of the curriculum. These change each term but options have included Astronomy, Science in the News, Physics IS for Girls, Dissection Society, Make a Worm Farm, Natural History Documentaries, Bird Watching and Physics Club.

RAF Brize Norton

Third Form pupils visit RAF Brize Norton to see STEM Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics applied to real world situations.