Meet the Team

Mr Jonathan Stevens

Deputy Headmaster

Mr Stevens read Civil Engineering at the University of Southampton, is a Maths teacher and has been a boarding Housemaster. He oversees the day to day management of the School and is in charge of pastoral care.     01993 703921

Mr Andrew Uglow

Director of Studies

Mr Uglow is a graduate of York University and the London Institute of Education. Having previously held a variety of roles in both academic and pastoral leadership at Cokethorpe and elsewhere, he is responsible for overseeing the academic side of school life. 


All pupils are a member of a House. For those who join aged 11 they are members of Lower House for their first year before joining one of six senior Houses. Each House has a Housemaster or Housemistress and each pupil is assigned a tutor who looks after their academic development (and much more besides) whilst at Cokethorpe.


Lower House

Housemistress – Mrs Jenny Pratley


Housemaster – Mr Simon Carter


Housemistress – Mrs Elena Semenzato


Housemaster – Mr Geoff Lawson

Queen Anne

Housemistress – Mrs Sarah Orton


Housemistress – Mrs Megan Cooper


Housemaster – Mr Tom Walwyn

Pupils enjoy positive relations with their teachers. ISI Inspection Report