Sport is an integral part of life at Cokethorpe Junior School.

Children benefit from receiving specialist teaching and high quality Games coaching and also from having access to the excellent facilities including two astroturf pitches, tennis courts, golf course and Sports Hall.

Rugby, hockey, netball, soccer, cricket, rounders, athletics, tennis and cross country all feature at various stages of the academic year. Time is also found for other sports such as swimming, judo, golf, dance, riding and sailing which the children can experience as part of the carousel of activities for the Junior School Activities Scheme.

From Year 3, boys and girls are taught separately and receive specialist Games coaching on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Children are encouraged to stay for the additional coaching which is available from 4.00-4.50pm on Tuesday. There is a full programme of fixtures against other schools and also the opportunity to take part in House matches.

Besides serving as an outlet for the children’s natural energy and exuberance, the sports programme instils invaluable virtues such as team-spirit, self-confidence and fair play.

As a member of IAPS, the Junior School competes in competitions at U11 age group and has been particularly successful, winning national competitions in squash and inland sailing. Children have also gained national and international recognition in their chosen sport.

The most talented children may be selected to attend the Cokethorpe School Sports Academy for their specific sport.