We offer a wide range of clubs and activities and we place a high emphasis on the importance of children’s participation and enjoyment.

This contributes to their broader curriculum and develops their interest and passion. It also means that the school week can be action packed! The activities take place at lunchtime, after school and during our Friday afternoon Junior School Activities Scheme.

Some clubs and activities run throughout the year while others change from term to term. They include: Book Club, Violin Group, Chamber Choir, Chess Club, Philosophy and Debating, Junior Band, Challenges and Puzzles, Art Club, Golf, Knifty Knitting, Comic Book Making, Animation, Mixed Hockey, Modern Dance, Ballet, Drawing and Sketching, Jewellery Making, Wildlife Club, Textiles, Poetry and Technology.

The Junior School Activities Scheme takes place on Friday afternoons and is run by teachers and external coaches. It enables the children to sample an additional range of activities and sports. These change from term to term and include: Street Dance, Modern Dance, Cooking, Football coaching with Oxford United, Golf, Judo, Riding lessons, Sailing, Tennis Club and Swimming.

Our extended day allows us to offer an exceptionally wide range of extra-curricular activities.