Beyond the Classroom

We fully explore our wonderful and diverse environment to enrich many areas of the curriculum.

The children in Pre-Prep are given regular opportunities to visit the Kitchen Garden, to plant and grow their own fruit and vegetables. They can also spend time on our Nature Walk , visiting the Pond or enjoy sessions in the Woods to learn about conservation and how to take care of their surroundings. Outdoor learning has proven to be an ideal way to enhance self-esteem, develop skills in cooperation, and increase knowledge and understanding of the world and the children’s place within it. It also allows children the freedom to investigate and take risks whilst in a safe environment.

Pre-Prep Adventurers

Part of our extra-curricular program includes the opportunity for children to broaden friendships as well as skills across the year groups by taking part in mixed age range activities each week. We encourage vitality of spirit inside and outside by introducing new areas of learning and hope to grow curiosity and confidence whilst doing so.

Our activities include cookery, arts and crafts, design projects and modelling, outdoor learning in the Woods and swimming.

Our extended day allows us to offer an exceptionally wide range of extra-curricular activities.