Students are encouraged to take on new challenges and broaden skills and experiences beyond the confines of a classroom. The activities available to students range from lunchtime clubs to recognised challenge programmes and everything in between.

Students may decide to build on previous achievements or discover new activities. Both offer a valuable balance to the hard work required when studying at Sixth Form level. 


The Cokethorpe Activities programme (AOB) allows students to broaden their interests beyond those normally associated with School life. The formal period for this takes place for one hour per week on a Friday, but in truth other informal sessions supplement this on various lunchtimes throughout the School calendar. The range of activities is so varied that only a sample can be shown below:

  • Extreme Reading
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Online Magazine
  • Captain’s Sport Session
  • Philosophy Café
  • Debating Society
  • Target 2.0 Bank of England
  • Stocks and Shares
  • Physics is for Girls
  • Bird Watching
  • Young Enterprise
  • Gym Circuits
  • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Poker
  • RAG Week
  • Salsa Dancing
  • Amnesty International Club
  • Greenpower Car

World Challenge

Every three years, Cokethorpe undertakes a World Challenge expedition. Combining a project, a trek and some rest and relaxation time, this is the perfect introduction to travelling abroad, and a must for those considering a gap year. Previously we have visited India, Thailand and Cambodia, and most recently visited Ecuador this year. 

To view the gallery of photos from the trip to Ecuador please click here


Duke of Edinburgh

In the Sixth Form, pupils get the chance to undertake the Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award. The successful completion of the Gold Award is a way in which Sixth Form students can stand out above their peers, giving them a potential edge on university and/or job applications. The School runs a well organised schedule but the Award requires commitment and dedication from the student in order to be achieved.


Part of the learning ethos at Cokethorpe involves looking outwards.

We want our pupils to be aware of their place in the world, and to recognise their responsibilities as global citizens. To this end, pupils are responsible for planning an annual Raising and Giving (RAG) Week – the culmination of fundraising efforts throughout the year. RAG Week involves all pupils in the School, with every form group organising a fundraising event to entertain their peers.

One of the selected charities for the 2013-2014 year was the Rafiki Thabo Foundation – an Oxfordshire-based charity that seeks to expand access to education in Lesotho, Kenya and Uganda, primarily through supporting vulnerable children with the payment of fees.

Over the summer, a group of thirteen Sixth Form students visited Ha Fusi, a remote village in the lowlands of Lesotho, Africa. The purpose of this visit was for the students to see how the funds they raised make a difference to projects in this region. The also spent time with the local children and helped to build a shed in which to house 400 chickens.