Enlightenment Lectures

'He who is not alight, cannot fire others' is the motto of our Enlightenment Lectures programme, and a favourite maxim of the post war educational thinker, John Friend.

It encapsulates the spirit in which our programme is delivered. That spirit is multiple in character: classically, as part of the rounding of the whole person; inspirationally, as one of just several breaths students take as they come to terms with the world they will live in, manage and eventually lead. To draw out the metaphor: we want our students, over a year of Enlightenment Lectures, to cough with surprise, huff with disapproval, wheeze in perplexity and gasp in delight. Unlike General Studies courses elsewhere, it is not taught in a traditional classroom situation, but rather delivered by bearing witness from those who have achieved significantly in their own lives, or who have an area of expertise that can be meaningfully shared. It is not an ‘examined’ subject.

Enlightenment Lectures usually take place at 11.20am on Tuesdays in The Shed. 


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The Enlightenment Coordinator, Mr Elkin-Jones, is always interested in taking recommendations and suggestions for future speakers. He can be contacted on imej@cokethorpe.org.