The beautiful grounds in which Cokethorpe is set cannot fail but have a huge impact on our students as they go about their busy day to day lives.

In addition to the outstanding facilities at Cokethorpe, the Sixth Form benefits from the following additional facilities:


Our very own coffee shop open to staff, Sixth Formers and parents every day between 10.30am and 4.00pm. Choose from a huge range of speciality coffees, teas and juices all for free. In addition there is a delicious selection of cakes on offer. Relax on the sofas or around a table, log on to the internet, quietly read the newspapers or watch the latest Sky News bulletin.

Sixth Form Common Room

The Common Room is the Sixth Form’s very own social space away from the rest of School. It is furnished with lots of comfortable sofas, computers, pool table, Sky TV, and vending machines. As exams get closer this is also very much a working space where students can talk and collaborate as they work together and help each other towards their final goals.  

Common Room Library


This a space reserved for teachers and Sixth Formers only. This is the place for silent and dedicated study. All the resources students need are here with plenty of room to spread out books and log-in to the computers.

The Cranham Library

Our Librarian is based here and is always very pleased to help out with any requests students may have. There is also a set of lap tops that can be borrowed.

Higher Education Library

A huge range of information is available here ready to help students with those difficult decisions about the future and the next step on to university. Mrs Holmes, our Head of University Admissions and Careers, is based here and is always ready to give advice.

Bus to Witney

Every Tuesday and Thursday lunchtime a mini bus is provided to run students into Witney to take advantage of the shops and cafes. 


The fitness suite is available for use by Sixth Formers during lunchtime as well as during Monday and Wednesday games sessions.


Free Wi-Fi is available across the School so there is no need to feel limited to the desktop computers. Sixth Formers are free to bring in and use their own laptop, smart phone or tablet for use during lessons, study periods and mobile phones are allowed in the Sixth Form Common Room.