Year 3 (Age 7+)

Children who have already started school can transfer to Cokethorpe in Year 3 (Age 7+).

The children benefit from Cokethorpe’s focus on the individuality of the child and his/her development, achieved through small class sizes, as well as an extensive range of facilities and activities.

Step 1 Visit Us

Before starting the Admissions Process we would always recommend that, where possible, both parents and pupils visit the School. The best way to see the School is by attending one of our Open Days that take place throughout the year. Open Days are a great way to explore the School, talk to staff and pupils and hear an address from the Headmaster.

If the dates of our Open Days are not convenient then families are invited to book an individual visit so that they have an opportunity to look around the School and speak with the Admissions Team. An appointment can be made by contacting the Admissions Secretary on 01993 703921 (option 1) or by e-mail at

Step 2 Registration

In order to continue with the admissions process, parents are asked to complete a Registration Form and return it to the Admissions Office with a non-refundable registration fee of £75. As class sizes are small, parents are advised to register as early as possible so that we can plan for their child’s entry at Year 3. 

Step 3 Assessment

Registered children will usually be invited to spend a day with the current Year 2 class and during this visit, staff will assess their capabilities in an age appropriate assessment. The children will take part in the class activities of the day including some sports sessions. There are Junior Assessment Days set aside for this each term although it is also possible to have the assessments on alternative dates to suit the individual child. 

Offers of Places 

Places are usually offered in the fortnight after the termly Assessment Day. 


What are the start and finish times of the school day of the Junior School class?

The Junior School starts at 8.40am. Academic lessons for Junior School finish at 4.00pm. After school activities run until 5.00pm when the school day finishes for all children. The Junior School ends at 3.30pm on Friday.

Will my child need to bring any food?

A morning snack and Lunch are provided. Pupils staying until 5.00pm for after school activities may like to bring a small healthy snack to eat at 4.00pm.  

Can my child travel on the school bus?

Children in Year 3 and above can travel on the school buses by themselves. The bus routes and stops are arranged towards the end of August each year, parents are notified when these have been finalised. Juniors will be taken to the Junior School on arrival. All buses leave at 5.10pm promptly. Junior School pupils using the bus will take part in Junior School activities until 5.00pm when they will be taken to catch buses, until they are familiar with the routine. A member of Junior School staff is on bus duty every day.

Will my child need a car seat at school?

Children under 12 or under 135cm must use an appropriate car seat for travelling on school transport. These are provided by School.

The pupils’ literacy and numeracy skills are excellent at all ages. ISI Inspection Report