Sports Academy

The Sports Academy was formed in 2003 to provide our most gifted boys and girls with extra support and a more personalised development plan.

At the time the School had twenty pupils gaining county honours and this number has now risen to over 50 pupils gaining county, regional and national honours but not all of these will be part of the Academy.

Pupils attend the Academy once per week and follow a programme of technical training, tactical awareness and specific fitness development. Use is made of video analysis software, while guest coaches and speakers provide a hub for weekly training in all these areas. Selection for the Academy is undertaken regularly as pupils develop and as new talented pupils join the School.

The Sports Academy is staffed by the PE Department as well as making use of external coaches who deliver one off sessions to enhance the experiences of the pupils. Such sessions have involved experiences in skipping, circuit training, and Tae Kwon Do.

This year sixteen Third and Fourth Form pupils have undertaken a project with the Sky Sports 'Living for Sport' scheme. Sky Sports mentor Thinus Deport, ex South African and Worcester rugby player, joined the pupils and along with the PE staff spent eight weeks developing their leadership qualities.