Beyond the Classroom

The offerings beyond the classroom are often highlights for our pupils.

From lunchtimes to month long expeditions, Cokethorpe offers a great variety of different activities that aid in the development of our young people and allows them to expand the boundaries of their comfort zone.

All pupils are encouraged to be involved, but within that they have a great choice of what they can do. From the sporty, to the academic, there is something for everyone. And if pupils have their own ideas, we are always willing to take on new activities. 


The AOB programme takes place every Friday lunchtime and is designed to encourage pupils to try new things and to broaden their interests and skills. Each term pupils gets to choose from around 40 activities. Pupils make a choice each term, and are encouraged to come up with their own ideas. Examples of popular choices in the past have included Young Enterprise and Golf, but options change every term!

World Challenge

Every three years, Cokethorpe undertakes a World Challenge expedition. Combining a project, a trek and some rest and relaxation time, this is the perfect introduction to travelling abroad, and a must for those considering a gap year. Previously we have visited India, Thailand and Cambodia, and most recently visited Ecuador this year. 


To view the gallery of photos from the trip to Ecuador please click here


Duke of Edinburgh

As the ethos of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards parallel our expectation of a Cokethorpe Pupil, all of the Fourth Form undertake the Bronze Award. They complete their expedition section in the Summer Term. Their Physical, Skill and Volunteering sections can be completed in this year, or delayed until the Fifth Form. 

Enrichment Week

For our First, Second, Third and Fourth Form, the year culminates with an exciting week of activities around a central theme. In previous years, themes have included Water, Geology, Land of Hope and Glory and Sports Science. Pupils get the opportunity to try out exciting new things, and even go on residential trips, as this exciting climactic week ties together getting out of the classroom with the central curriculum.  


Part of the learning ethos at Cokethorpe involves looking outwards. We want our pupils to be aware of their place in the world, and to recognise their responsibilities as global citizens. To this end, pupils are responsible for planning an annual Raising and Giving (RAG) Week – the culmination of fundraising efforts throughout the year. RAG Week involves all pupils in the School, with every Form group organising a fundraising event to entertain their peers. The week is coordinated by a RAG Committee, which meets as an AOB activity during the Lent and Summer Terms – a great opportunity for pupils to take on positions of leadership.

Each year, the fundraising focus of the school changes; we do not have any specific affiliations. However, we do aim to take on a local and an international cause, ensuring that pupils recognise their local community projects as well as the more prominent causes elsewhere.

From the sporty, to the academic, there is something for everyone.