Sixth Form and Careers

The majority of students enter the Sixth Form directly from our Fifth Form, although in a typical year we are also likely to welcome around 15 successful external applicants.

Getting good grades at the end of the Sixth Form is the most obvious springboard for future success. The decisions pupils make about the subjects they intend to study are a crucial part of this process and we encourage them to also think about how their intended subjects work in combination with each other. It is our hope that by tackling these important issues head-on, pupils will be as prepared as possible for the challenges ahead and equipped to make the right, informed decisions.

As with any important decision, there are many people who can help with advice. It will be important for pupils to talk with their parents and teachers, but they should probably also talk to the relevant Heads of Department and to their Housemaster. Mrs Holmes (Careers) may also be a valuable source of information. Any general questions about the Sixth Form curriculum can be referred to either Mr Uglow (Director of Studies) or Mr White (Head of Sixth Form).

One area that can be of great benefit in this process is work experience. Having an idea of where A Levels fit into a bigger picture can certainly make a difference as well as providing much needed drive and direction. All Cokethorpe pupils complete a work experience programme whilst in the Fourth Form as an important first step in the A Level process. This programme is coordinated by the Sixth Form Management Team. 

As with any important decision, there are many people who can help with advice.