Learning Culture

Learning at Cokethorpe is characterised by our focus on the individual.

Through our small classes and dedicated teaching staff we are able to ensure that the individual needs of every child are met, and that they are challenged with learning that prepares them both for the academic and life tests ahead.

We want all our pupils to leave us having cultivated habits and attitudes that are positive, productive and beneficial for life, enabling them to face difficulty and uncertainty calmly, confidently and creatively. Our ambition is to help our pupils become better, more effective learners, curious about the world around them and prepared to take intellectual risks in order to develop their understanding of it. We do not seek homogeneity; we celebrate and cultivate the individual.

Learning Support

Learning Support is integral to any good school. At Cokethorpe our Learning Support Department serves to support the pupils and the subject staff and to underpin the delivery of the curriculum. 

The majority of pupils utilising the Department have a specific learning difficulty of some sort such as dyslexia or dyspraxia. We assess pupils carefully and produce a Personalised Year Plan alongside pupils, which informs short term targets. This tailor made support enables us to flexibly cater for individual needs and learning styles. 

Our pupils are encouraged to become passionate about their academic subjects, to study beyond what is examined and to gain a true understanding of their subjects and their place in the world.