Progress and Reporting

We aim to keep parents fully informed about their child’s academic progress with thoughtful, honest and constructive feedback.

Parents will receive two full Academic Reports a year; one at the end of the Michaelmas Term and one at the end of the Summer Term. In addition to these, children from Year 2 to Year 6 will receive a Grade Card each half term where an effort grade, A-D, and an achievement grade, 1-4, will be given for each subject. These grades are based on how children have performed compared to their year group.

There are two designated Parents’ Evenings each year, one in the Michaelmas Term and one in the Summer Term. On these occasions parents are invited to look through their child’s exercise books and discuss progress formally with their class teacher.

In addition, we offer Parent Surgery time one afternoon each week. This is run on an informal drop-in basis to enable parents to meet with class or subject teachers. We have found that this additional opportunity to meet is hugely valued by our parents.

Communication between home and School is a vital part of the success of our pupils.