Every pupil at Cokethorpe is a member of one of our Houses.

In a pupil’s first year they become a member of Lower House with the entire year group. Under the watchful eye of their Housemistress and tutors, pupils quickly get to know the School and develop good routines. At this stage pupils are also attached to one of the six senior Houses which they formally join in the Second Form. They remain attached to their House for the duration of their time at Cokethorpe (and beyond) and as they rise through the School, responsibilities and opportunities for leadership emerge. The Houses at Cokethorpe provide a group identity for our pupils and allow for them to enjoy meaningful and competitive Inter-House competition. House loyalties are strong and the bonds formed between pupils, their tutors and their Housemasters and Housemistresses provide the foundations for future successes.

The School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children.


Each pupil is assigned a tutor and our tutor groups are deliberately kept quite small (about a dozen pupils of the same year group) in order for good relationships to develop between tutor and tutee over the course of the year. Although the primary aim of our tutors is to help maintain consistent academic progression, the reality is that the role is far more encompassing than that. From helping new pupils adjust to their new environment right through to university guidance and beyond, the tutor is there at all times.

Wellbeing and Integrity Toolkit (WIT)

The WIT programme, together with formal curriculum provision, extra-curricular activities and pastoral care, aims to create the conditions for a flourishing life. It is hoped that our young people experience wellbeing as a result of doing things well, such as learning and playing sport or music, but that they will also have the opportunity to reflect on how they might bring about their own wellbeing and that of those around them.

The emphasis is upon an education in the kind of life one ought to lead, rather than telling our young people what kind of life they should avoid leading. That said, the programme will also inform young people of the potential dangers that lie in the world outside and will provide health education giving the students the opportunity to learn how to avoid the types of behaviours that might cause problems for them in the future.


At the end of each week the whole School gathers for assembly. This is a time to celebrate the achievements of our pupils, look to challenges that lie ahead but they also provide an opportunity to reflect on issues close to home and further afield.


Cokethorpe is blessed to have a wonderful Chapel within the grounds and year groups regularly meet for moral sustenance. We want our pupils to go on beyond Cokethorpe to live fulfilling, happy and successful lives and the thoughts and ideas explored in Chapel go some way towards that goal.

Pupils are well supported by excellent pastoral care. ISI Inspection Report