A real feature of the Junior School is the excellent pastoral care and the close relationships between staff and children as well as with our parents.

Class teachers build warm and supportive relationships with the children and ensure that their academic and pastoral needs are met.

The children’s academic, sporting and pastoral success is celebrated in assembly each week and certificates of achievement are highly prized.

The House System in the Junior School exists to encourage children of all years to socialise, support and compete with each other. Various competitions and events take place and children in Year 6 are elected as Captains and Vice-Captains to sit on a Junior School Council. To maintain a link to the Mansion House we have named the Houses after the first boarders, Baker, Gwyn, Lockwood and Symonds. 

We encourage close communication between parents and the School and see it as an important two-way process. Parents are invited to a Parents’ Information Evening which is held in the second week of the Michaelmas Term. This is an opportunity to meet other parents class teachers and to hear about the organisation of the year, curriculum matters and information specific to the year group. 

In addition to the weekly Parents Surgery, close communication is maintained via the Home-School Book or Homework Diary. 

There is a weekly email for parents and this includes information about trips and visits, fixtures and results and forthcoming events.

The School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children.

Pupils are well supported by excellent pastoral care. ISI Inspection Report