Scholarships and Awards

At Cokethorpe we recognise academic excellence and a wide range of abilities and achievements through Scholarships and Awards.

Scholarships and Awards are separate from any financial considerations but they can be held alongside a means-tested bursary.

A Scholarship or Award is given in recognition of a pupil’s merit or achievement and potential to develop a particular skill. This carries many rewards and responsibilities, enjoying considerable prestige both inside and outside the School. Assessment is by a pupil’s performance in a particular written or practical examination and interview. The continuation of Scholarships and Awards will be subject to regular assessment, to ensure the holder continues to make a contribution to school life for which the award has been made.

There are Academic and All Round Scholarships and specialist Awards in Art, Drama, Music and Sport. A specialist Award may be held in conjunction with an Academic Scholarship, but a pupil will not normally be given more than one specialist Award.

First Form (11+) pupils will be assessed for Academic Scholarships and Awards during the early part of their first term at Cokethorpe. Academic Scholarships are awarded at the end of the first year. 

Third Form (13+) Scholarship and Award assessments are held, both for those already in the School and those joining from other schools, during the year before entry, in March. These Awards are reviewed annually. 

Sixth Form Scholarships and Awards are based largely on GCSE (or equivalent) examination performance at entry to the Sixth Form and kept under constant review by the Master of Scholars.

Academic Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded in recognition of continuing outstanding performance. Academic Scholarships are available at all levels in the Senior School.

Art Awards

Art Awards are made on the basis of a portfolio of work, a practical examination and interview with the Head of Art, as appropriate for the candidate’s age. Award winners at age 13 will normally be expected to take one of the Art GCSEs, and awards will continue to be offered in the Sixth Form for those taking one of the Art A Levels.

Drama Awards

Drama Awards are made to acknowledge achievement and potential in the performing arts. Award winners at age 13 will often but not necessarily study Drama at GCSE.

Music Awards

Candidates are expected to demonstrate proficiency in at least two instruments (or one instrument plus voice), and also to show ability in sight-reading, aural and general musicianship. Award winners will normally (but not necessarily) take Music at GCSE, and at A Level (for Sixth Form Award holders) and make a significant contribution to the musical life of the School.

Sport Awards

Award winners will normally have reached high standards in at least two different sports, including selection for (or the potential to be selected for) a county team. Award winners are expected to show talent, motivation, good sportsmanship and an enthusiastic approach to school life.